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Mayi is a company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of greener, more sustainable material handling equipment in North America.

Lift Tables: The Ideal Lifting Tool

It is hard to talk about reliable positioning solutions without mentioning the humble lift table in the conversation. Hands down, the most reliable positioning solution where lifting or elevating loads is needed in workplaces. Lift tables are an ideal solution for their ease of design, ability to customize, reliability and reasonable price compared to other lifting options. With infinite combinations of lift capacity and size configurations, to mobile lift tables, the possibilities are endless.

Electric Tuggers

Forklifts have long been the workhorses of production plants and warehouses, but there is a growing trend toward forklift-free work areas, fueled by increased safety, cost savings, and flexibility.It’s hard to picture production plants without forklifts ferrying materials to assembly lines, but that is becoming the case in an increasing number of workplaces. Taking the place of forklifts are smaller “tuggers” (usually electric- or diesel-powered) that tow a train of trailers (also called carts).

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